Thursday, November 26, 2009

Bayonetta Is Some Damn Old Crazy.

The Bayonetta demo makes you ask some really deep questions about yourself, such as "am I really falling down a cliff on a burning clocktower and killing droves of monstrous angels with my hair suit that turns into giant fists and feet and spikes and guillotines while being chased by a giant silver dragon with a swelling orchestral score?"

The answer is, "yeah, pretty much."

Sunday, December 28, 2008

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Monday, August 18, 2008

About Us

We here at Joystick: Control Hero believe in three things: truth, strength, integrity, and truth.
Our dedicated team of _ person(s) work tirelessly to bring you hard-hitting news or articles whenever I or we feel like writing them, and about everything I or we feel like writing about some days maybe. We are standing on the fertile ground of a virtual revolution; a land turgid with visually technological opportunity. An electronic womb filled to bursting with corpulent fetuses of imagination. Nautical miles of creative juice stretch before us like a golden God with arms held wide to receive our yacht of dreams.

In the coming years there will be several articles in the blog, some of which will be in text format. "So," you say, "what about the others?" Those will never be viewed by the general public, as the risk is far too great. The articles your magistrate allows you to view, however, will be of the highest quality possibly. We will try our best to cover a wide array of subjects, including: art, culture, art & culture, Internet art, artful internetting, The Nautilus, robonautics, avoiding The Nautilus, and few others!

In conclusion, this is just the beginning. What stands as a pathetic geranium adorned with a single Christmas bauble will one day grow into a mighty black oak coated in leaves of wisdom and a mustache.

Many have tried to tame this wild, hungry jackal named "journalism," but it just met its jackalmaster.

How did you spend your day?